Our team

A background in Computer Sciences and Econometrics, Hassan has developed vast industry knowledge over 22 years working alongside IBM Global Services and numerous other consultancies. With a focus on Price Optimization and Profit maximization he realized the shortage of  consultants that can really provide the end to end solution.  Familiarity with the business and understanding the underlying business problem is what eventually is the forte of Xprezen Consulting. As a founding member Hassan ensures that the consultancy never falls short of delivering holistic solutions. 

Hassan Hamid


Asad has a background in hardware engineering and fostering the Agile methodology in its earliest stages. As a customer engagement manager Asad heads the communication for Xprezen, acting as a customer advocate so that the true nature of the problems that the customer is trying to address are laid out. Customers will have the opportunity to authorize that the identified problems are really the core problem that Xprezen has been hired to address. 

Asad Hamid

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It is a place apart

“People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.”―Teddy Roosevelt

Who we are



Xprezen is a boutique consultancy that specializes in Enterprise Intelligence solutions. Founded in 2005, Xprezen was built from the ground up by ex Big 4 consulting professionals to fill a gap  felt by many clients - personalised attention.  Xprezen's founders have had intensive experience delivering solutions to Fortune 100 companies. Our vision is very customer centric - we don't simply aim to satisfy, we aim to impress. This being our credo we have developed solutions for IBM, Ford, Dell, Miller-Coors, Coleman, Lenovo and more.